ENT Surgeon or ENT Specialist

Welcome to ENT(Ear-Nose-Throat) department at anupama Hospital, having the dedicated ENT specialist for Tonsils, Sinusitis and ENT surgeon for Nose Surgery, endoscopy surgery.


The ENT department of Anupama is immensely sophisticated, and it has all the infrastructure to provide high quality treatment to the patients. The facilities offered at the hospital are of top notch and on par with the global standards.

The ENT doctors at our hospital are very experienced, and they are skilled enough to diagnose and treat any kind of issues. In fact, they have the highest academic qualifications and clinical expertise than any other doctors in Kukatpally.

Apart from the regular treatments, we emphasize on improving diagnosis and treatments all the time. We stay updated with the proceedings in the international arena, and implement the latest tactics in our hospital. Also, we spend considerable time on research, facilitating the development of new techniques to improve the efficiency of the treatments.

The ENT Surgeon in Kukatpally Anupama Hospitals, use the advanced technology available at our facility, like video camera systems, flexible endoscopes and binocular microscopes to provide precise treatment for the issues. The audiologists take charge of the speech therapy, and provide treatment for the people with speech issues.



  The ENT department concentrates especially on a throat condition, known as Tonsillitis. In this issue, the tonsils located in the throat are infected, inflamed, and the person will suffer with a wide variety of symptoms. This condition is successfully treated by the department..


Sinusitis is a condition in which the sinuses become clogged and irritated, posing a range of symptoms in the sufferers and spoiling the quality of life. Our ENT department are masters in curing this issue, and they take the appropriate steps to curb this condition from the core.


Nose surgeries are carried out by our able surgeons, and the patients are provided with excellent results. They usually refer to correcting the deviated septum (cartilage between the two nostrils). We have incredible experience in these surgeries, and treat all kinds of nose issues.


The endoscopy ENT surgeries are practiced for improving the efficiency of the surgery and patient’s safety. Flexible pipe with a small camera attached is sent to the various regions of ear, nose and throat, and the underlying issues are found out for the effective diagnosis.

Say Hello to our doctors who are ENT experts.



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Ear-Nose-Throat Procedures

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