Diet for PCOD

Diet for PCOD

The most important tip on diet for PCOS would be to cut down on simple sugars. Sugary foods bring about a surge in the blood sugar levels, which places undue stress on the body. In the long run, this leads to poor control of blood sugar and weight gain. Cutting down on sugary foods becomes very crucial when you have PCOD. The correct  diet for PCOS includes complex  carbs instead of simple ones. It is important to develop a taste for nutritious foods rather than eating junk. Here is a table that shows what to have and what to avoid in diet for PCOS.

Include Avoid
Whole wheat products Refined flour products / maida
Whole grain / whole wheat bread White bread
wholegrain / whole wheat pasta white pasta
Barley, natural diuretic fruits Fast foods
Oats, corn Cakes, cookies, sweets, chocolates
Raw fruits and vegetables High fructose corn syrup
Fresh fish Sorbitol
Lean meats Soft drinks and soda
Protein shakes Bengali mithai, sweets , desserts

Other than these tips on diet for PCOS, some lifestyle modifications will also help.

Other lifestyle modifications that help

1. Drink plenty of water: Drink at least 2 litres of water per day. Flavored waterwill help. In order to overcome this, try to drink one glass of water whenever the clock strikes the hour. This way, you can incorporate it in your daily routine and stay hydrated throughout the day. Regular intake of water will help with detoxification as well as avoid water retention in the body. You may feel bloated all the time, another reason for not wanting to drink water. But drinking more water will actually help you in flushing this accumulated water and feel lighter. You need to lose that water weight.

2. Exercise: Regular exercise will not only help you reduce weight, but will help lessen binge eating. The feel-good hormones (serotonin and dopamine) released with exercise will keep your stress levels also low.

3. Free your life of stress:  The stressors will not vanish, but a daily 1-hour meditation is great to keep yourself from feeling stressed. There are other things that help you feel less stressed, like yoga, music, doing something you really love, and above all taking life a little less seriously. Since stress is a contributing factor of weight gain and PCOD, learning to unwind helps.

4. Quit smoking for good: Experts say that smoking stimulates androgen production, the main culprits of PCOD characteristics. So, kick the butt for good.

5. Say NO to alcohol: We all know that alcohol affects the liver function, which in turn affects hormone balance. Saying NO to alcohol will not only keep your liver healthy, but also check PCOD progression.

Whether it is to fulfil your motherly instincts, regaining your feminine charm, or improving your general health and well-being, progression of PCOD is something that needs to be checked sooner than later. These tips on diet for PCOS will help.

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