Dermatologist : Diagnoses and Treats the Skin Problems

Driven with the zest to offer phenomenal treatments for the skin ailments, the Dermatologist is an intrinsic healthcare provider.


The Dermatology department was started in 2009 in Anupama hospital. It deals with various skin, hair and nails issues, and offers comprehensive treatments for these problems. A wide variety of diagnostic techniques are used to alleviate the symptoms, and the issues are dealt with extensive care, to cure these conditions from the root.

Dedicated sub-wings are set up in the department, including Pediatric Dermatology, Cosmetic Dermatology, Venereology, Leprosy, etc. The dermatologists emphasize on providing highly focused medical assistance to the concerned health ailments, to offer impeccable treatments to the patients. The services of skin specialists are used for this purpose, who have decades of experience under the belt.

Anupama has the required infrastructure for offering high quality services for the patients. To improve the quality even more, we have associations with the most renowned plastic surgery facility in Kukatpally, the Akruti. We can use their services for dealing with any kind of issues related to the skin and hair.

Best treatment is provided by our skin specialist or Dermatologist in Kukatpally for all the issues related to skin. Call 9160003108 to fix an appointment today.



The Pediatric Dermatology department deals with the skin related issues of the infants and children. Skin ailments, such as Acne, Birthmarks, Vitillgo, AtopicDermatitis, Warts, Port Wine Stains, etc, are treated efficiently by the most experienced doctors, with the assistance of the incredible equipment at our stable, thereby preventing any permanent damage.


Venereology is a department related to the sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and it is combined with Dermatology in many cases, since the spread of STDs can occur through the skin easily and frequently. Due to the rise in the sexually transmitted diseases, this department has gained very high importance, since it can cure the conditions effectively.


The Leprosy wing at Anupama is dedicated for the patients suffering from a serious skin condition, known as “Leprosy”. This condition can damage the skin, the mucous membranes, and even the nerves. In extreme conditions, it can cause disfiguration of the body parts. Our leprosy department offers highly effective treatments to cure this condition...


The Cosmetic Dermatology wing of ours provides eminent treatments to correct the cosmetic deformities of the skin, and regain the visual appearance and texture. People who got cured from psoriasis, skin cancer, etc. suffer from damaged skin, and it hampers their physical attractiveness. These issues are treated impeccably by us, and we restore the skin’s beauty.

Say Hello to our doctors who are dermatology experts.



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