Anupama hospital offers 24/7 ambulance facility, to cater the medical emergency needs of the people in and around Kukatpally. These emergency medical care vehicles serve the patients who face unexpected trauma or accidents. They provide the required first aid, till the patient is taken to the hospital.

Emergency medical services are always busy, due to the increased accidents, particularly on the road, and sudden trauma due to the severe health conditions like heart attack, stroke, etc. In these conditions, every second is very valuable, and the patients should be taken to hospital as soon as possible. But due to the chaotic traffic jams and poor roads, reaching the medical facilities on time is proving very tough for the ambulances, which ultimately results in dangerous conditions for the patients.

We have understood this issue very well, and trained our ambulance drivers with exceptional teaching assistance, to make them well versed in dealing with all kinds of emergency conditions, and bring the patients safely and on time to the hospital. This step has provided incredible results, and reduced the mortality rate by 24.2%. It is an achievement indeed considering the highly tense conditions.

In addition to the drivers’ skills, our ambulances are provided with all the facilities, to provide life support for the patients who are in critical conditions. The trained medical personnel in the vehicle can administer the needful patients with the required drugs, and also provide saline or oxygen when needed. It offers life support for the patients, to help them survive and make way to the advanced life support systems in the hospital.

You have the trusted professional ambulance service of Anupama in Kukatpally. We know each and every route in this metro city, and we can bring the patients quickly to the hospital by taking the possible shortcuts.

We provide everything a human can to save the lives of the patients, and we are quite experienced in this regard.

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