Admission and Discharge Policy

Anupama’s admission and discharge policy is prepared to ensure the smooth functioning of the hospital, such that no issues are faced by the patients or hospital at any point of time.


During the admission, you should provide the details regarding the referred doctor, accommodation class you want, etc. It is to be noted that, pregnant ladies should get prior registration, and select the required admission date. After completing the formalities at the billing section, you are admitted into the hospital.

You are billed per day, and according to the class you have selected. However, you can change the rooms for higher class or lower class anytime. Follow the billing section to know about the exact details.


When the doctor issues Discharge Order, the process begins by preparing all the notes related to the treatment, and details about the prescribed medicines and home care to be taken. The billing department calculates and issues bill to you, and upon clearing it, you will be given with the Discharge Authorization Slip. The treatment record is given to you after the submission of this slip.

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