24/7 Emergency and Trauma Care

To deal with emergencies, the whole medical team should be super responsive, and Anupama has such efficient team for handling the emergency and trauma cases.

The response to an emergency case starts with ambulance service, which should have the necessary life supporting equipment and experienced doctors. We use most advanced ambulances for this purpose, and the drivers can bring the patients quickly to the hospital, since they are well versed with all the routes in and around the city.

Our medical emergency team contains trauma surgeons, general surgeons, neuro surgeons, cardiothoracic surgeons, spinal surgeons, plastic surgeons, abdominal surgeons, anesthetists and nurses, who have years of experience in dealing with the trauma and emergency cases effectively.

We provide highly advanced equipment, which are important in handling the emergency cases, including defibrillators, X-ray machines, ECG equipment, catheters (central venous), ventilators, etc.

Due to this expertise and equipment, we are able to save the lives of thousands of people, who have joined our hospital in different emergency cases. Our excellent success rate in these surgeries, has made us renowned in the entire city, and we are trusted by many people for this very reason.

Anupama’s 24/7 emergency and trauma care is with you for every moment, to protect you from any accidents or serious health conditions.

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